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Calling All Alumni Associations:

Host Alumni Row at the 2020 US Open Golf Championship

  • Raise Alumni Engagement to New Heights
  • Generate New Revenue Without Risk or Cost
  • Join Other Alumni Associations at America’s Premier Golf Championship

Hospitality focused. Socially enriching. Carefully curated.

Alumni Row Host Program:

  1. Your school’s alumni association or department of development is invited to serve as a host of the Alumni Row program at the 2020 U.S. Open Golf Championship at Winged Foot, June 18-21, 2020.
  2. Alumni Row requires no fees or other cost requirements to participate.
  3. Alumni Row trip packages are purchased by alumni interested in attending. For each package sold, the purchaser’s association receives a guaranteed license payment from Alumni Row in the amount of $500 per package.
  4. Host alumni associations agree to notify their members about the event and invite them to attend,utilizing:
      Prominent web-site promotion
    •   Alumni association social media
    •   Direct email communications
    •   Recognition in alumni print publications and bulletins
    •   Promotion at other alumni events
    •   Internal outreach to golf team alumni
    •   Inclusion with appropriate school direct mail information
  5. There are no minimum or maximum capacity levels for the Alumni Row Program at Winged Foot. Alumni Row welcomes 2 or 200.
  6. One of the unique benefits of Alumni Row is that each Host Association is provided an exclusive hospitality area at Winged Foot, adjacent to the other participating Host Associations. Alumni visit with attendees from their own school, with easy access to guests from other schools.
  7. All trip bookings and payments will be made by alumni directly to Alumni Row.
  8. Alumni Row’s Event Management Team will communicate with all guests in advance of the 2020 U.S. Open Golf Championship:
     Email confirmation of order
    •   Event web-site for all guests that launches 4 months prior to the event
    •   Pre-Event “Tee-Off” e-mail & welcome materials
    •   Alumni Row Customer service phone/email resources
  9. Host Associations are permitted full use of the Alumni Row name and logo to communicate about the program. Associations may utilize a composite emblem with their own logo and may be identified as
    “An Official Host of Alumni Row”.
  10. Alumni Row to provide Hosting trips on the basis of:
    (a) one free host trip for 10 attending alums;
    (b) a 25% discount for other hosts of groups of 10 alums;
    (c) a 20% discount for all hosts of groups between 5-9; and
    (d) a 15% discount on host trips for groups under 5.

“Winged Foot is in our backyard and easily accessible to alumni from hundreds of colleges and universities located in the NY area, and also to alumni chapters located here from schools everywhere.”

– Ed Manetta, Director of Athletics, Manhattanville College

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